Attribution Vendors

Attribution is a hot topic that deserves the heat. Accountability and results are more important than ever, so if analytics and attribution are not being managed in-house, you can leverage the expertise of a third party.

There are so many attribution vendors in the market currently, so making a decision can be a daunting and time-consuming task. We have relationships with all attribution vendors, so can help you to narrow down your options based on your budgets and goals.

Are you focused on TV-only attribution or is there an interest in multitouch attribution? How important is social media in your marketing mix? How do you serve your display creative? These are some of the questions we will ask in a short discovery conversation that will enable us to select several attribution vendors for your consideration.

The sooner you figure out attribution, the sooner you can begin optimizing more effectively. We are thrilled for the opportunity to help you pick the right partner!

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